Welcome to Online Giving
Move your church into the digital age with Online Giving
Online Giving is the convenient way for your members to make donations and pledges and pay fees. This easy-to-use, web-based system is personalized for your church through a simple, secure web page. Members who use the Internet to pay their monthly household bills want the same option to contribute to their church. Online Giving is the perfect solution to give families flexible, paperless ways to contribute to collections and campaigns, as well as pay fees – without calling the church office.

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Increase Income, Stabilize Finances
  • Predictable income you can count on.
  • Multiple fund availability for offertory, second collections, religious ed fees —any fund your staff wishes to make available via a simple interface.
  • Immediate payback with no special hardware or software and no complicated setup.
Reduce Staff Workload
  • Automatic deposits require no paper forms or checks, saving time for church staff and families alike.
  • Self-service system puts members in charge of their personal online contributions.  It even sends them automated email confirmations and expiring credit card notifications.
  • Giving histories and end-of-year contribution reports are always available online
Connect People and the Church
  • Members may choose from multiple payment methods, using one or more of checking, savings, or credit card accounts.
  • Flexible payment options available (one-time, weekly, monthly . . .)
  • Custom Online Giving website, linked to your parish website, can be tailored to include a welcome message, announcements, or a note of appreciation worded exactly as you like.
  • Convenient anytime, anywhere access lets members update amounts or account information whenever they wish.
More Information

You are warmly invited to read more about Online Giving and how it can help your church by clicking the following links for additional product information. We would also be happy to provide you with guided demonstrations, application forms, and personal service from one of our account representatives to help you learn more about Online Giving for your church using the contact information found on the following Online Giving product page.